Is Roman Reigns the hottest Superstar in WWE ?


Before I, as a writer try to answer this question, I’d to go through some fact finding and research. It’s not an easy question to answer specially when there are Superstar of the likes of Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Brawn Stroman etc in this era. The topic is about who is the most popular modern day WWE superstar and not who is the greatest of all time. If you look back into the history of WWE then I think Gold Berg and the Undertaker are the most powerful and most coveted superstar WWE has ever produced.

However in modern day Roman Reigns performance has proved that he is the most accolade superstar. He defeated Brock Lesnar, Macintyre, Randy Ortan, Ken, John Cena and even the Undertaker in past. Who can forget the rivalry between Brawn Strawman and Roman Reigns which run for week after week after Brawn Strawman decided to stay away from Roman. Roman Reign is a kind of superstar who has an eye for an eye attitude and he never backs down from facing anybody irrespective of whom he is facing. He might not have the strongest muscle but his will power is as good as the great Shawn Michal. Roman never had the opportunity to face Gold Berg but again you need to understand they are two different generation superstar. Gold Berg was an exceptional superstar during his time there might not be anybody whom he has not defeated barring Undertaker whom he has never faced otherwise that would have been the most coveted match in the history of WWE. But the management must have something in mind for not allowing these two superstars to face one-o-one.
Roman Reigns in recent past has the privilege to face Undertaker and Roman defeated The Undertaker but one should not forget the age gap between these two superstars. Roman being very young has the edge over the Undertaker who is in the verge of retirement. Still Roman had to struggle a lot in that match to defeat the Undertaker. Currently Roman is the third highest paid superstar after John Cena and Brock Lesnar. As an audience I want to see Roman using little bit more of his leg muscle and try not to be too much predictable for his opponents. He prefer to use more of his hand and shoulder muscle but once he uses more of his leg muscles he will even be more deadly. Roman’s Facebook, Instagram and other social sites followers has lot to prove towards his popularity. Couple of years back we have seen such popularity of John Cena. Todays its Roman’s era, after coming back from the deadly disease Leukemia he shown the world his resiliency and commitment towards WWE. Good luck Roman Reigns.

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