Sportsbook Tips


Want to become a professional Sports gambler?

Many of us want to become a professional sports gambler and earn profits sitting at the comfort of home. Before I proceed further I want to ask you what is the difference between a normal gambler in Casino and a professional sports gambler. The answer is a Casino gambler does not surely need an in depth knowledge of the Casino game he is playing instead he/she is busy churning the wheel and the outcome is absolutely depended on the software algorithm. So no matter how many times you play a particular game you cannot guarantee your next win. So you can play Casino for fun and at times you may hit a jackpot as well. So it’s absolutely based on your luck. Sports gambling in contrary are completely different. Here the more you play your experience counts.


Attribute needed to become a professional player:

  • Pick the Sports of your understanding – its better that you understand the sports you are going to invest in. You can learn the rules for new sports but it’s better to first start with the sports you have complete understanding of. Your love for Sports is very important in Sport gambling else you may find yourself disinterested and disoriented.
  • Computation Skill – It does not require a very well verse understanding of mathematics but you should be good in multiplication so that you can verbally calculate your outcome if invested a certain amount. You can keep a calculator if you want to avoid doing miscalculation.
  • Self Control – Its very important in gambling industry. When you win you should have control over reinvesting and replaying with proper logic instead of thinking it’s a lucky day for you so invest further.
  • Patience – If you are not sure about the outcome of a game then stop yourself from betting. Instead wait for the right opportunity to bet on appropriate games. This generally happens when two stronger side playing a match the odds are almost at par. So you won’t make much money and not even sure about who will win at the last moment. So better to stay away from these kind of games rather than making loss. A sportsbook professional might have to wait for long days to find a right opportunity to bet.
  • Right Knowledge from good resources – Never bet emotionally in your favorite team instead accept the fact which team is better and place your bet on that team and increase your chances of winning. Before match there are lot of expert opinion in television you can follow their experience. There are websites who throws lot of insight about a team before a match. You can listen to them. Initially even if you fail. Slowly you can come to a conclusion whose advice to follow and to move in which direction for a win.
  • Choose appropriate Sportbooks – Everybody has a choice of sportsbook/platform to place your bet. This depends on how good the odds on that site are? How fast they pay? How fairly they are paying to their players?
  • Special tip– There are websites who teaches you about arbitrage betting, Late betting. Find a good site for yourself and follow them to some extent. You have to test their strategies. These strategies are basically prepared by market veterans or high level Sports professional.
  • Rightly use your ROI – As you must be aware ROI means Return on Investment. If you have invested $120 on a bet and you your winning total is $140. That means (140-120)/120*100%= 16.66% is your ROI from that bet. Now you have grown your capital from $120 to $140. How to reinvest? Whole $140 or $120 or even lesser? Remember a sportsbook professional is somebody who completely makes a living out of the income he/she earn from betting. Therefore you have to have a substantial capital to invest wisely or while you are doing a job you play part time and grow your capital to a level until when you are confident on your investment and winning. In today’s date there are many sportsbook professional who are making good money and leaving a good life. It’s a billion dollar industry so scope is huge. Just you have to acquire the right skills and opportunity in proper way.


Nothing is clear as water and fortune does not flow like milk and honey but unless you try your hands you don’t learn the good and bad side of anything. Your effort and persistence can take you to a long way. So first have a clear mindset then enhance your knowledge base, invest a bit initially for some time until you become a pro and earn handsomely. I want to end my topic here by a famous quote from the billionaire Bill gates. “If you born poor it’s not your fault but if you die poor it’s your fault”. The onus to change your life is on you. Nobody will disclose their secret of success.