Online Cricket Betting

Online cricket betting tips

Online Cricket Betting Tips  

Over the past decade, cricket has gradually grown from a game on the fringes of public interest to one of the biggest sports in the world. Betters also see cricket as a great opportunity to make some cash and have fun with online cricket betting. However, cricket is a game of uncertainty and even the best astrologer can’t predict the right bet always. So, does it mean there is no formula or secrets of winning? Well, it’s not the work as a mathematical formula but there are certain ways if you try to understand my points you can gain a lot. If you want to get ahead of the online cricket betting game and win big, then read on. Here I have outlined a few online cricket betting tips and strategies to help you pick the best bet.

Understanding Different Forms of Cricket

When getting started with online cricket betting, the first and foremost thing is to understand in which format of the game you want to place your bet. Cricket is divided into three play formats namely Test Matches, ODIs, and T20s.

Test Match – This is the original format of cricket and is the most challenging form. Test match typically lasts up to five days to complete a four-inning match.

ODI – This format is usually played in a day with fifty overs for both teams. The Cricket World Cup is played in this format, making it a popular event to bet on every four years.

T20 – This format has added a modern twist and more excitement to the traditional sport. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the biggest cricket league in the world and attracts a host of betting enthusiasts eager to place an online cricket bet.

All three cricket formats come with their games, championships, and skilled players, making it an exciting sport to bet on.

Intensive Research

You must do your research before you jump into the online cricket betting realm. Before placing any bet try to acquire few facts about the game such as:

a) Pitch Report & Toss – If it is a bouncy pitch, dose your favorite team has bowlers who can produce bounce? If the pitch will help spinners in the second innings, do your favorite team have that kind of spinner and are they batting first or not?

b) Home Side – Home side always has a certain advantage because not only they are aware of the conditions but also, they have support from the crowd and thus can win the game.

c) Competition Level –If you are betting on a particular team, take into consideration how balanced both the teams are. Do they have balance in their batting, bowling, and fielding? Also, look into the previous head to head contests and where the match is taking place. Place your bet on the team which has more impact players on their side. This all generates the difference between winning and losing.

d) Environment –Environment plays a very vital role. You should read the previous day weather report and the weather forecast on the match date. If the pitch or ground is already damp, then team batting first will struggle more. If there is rain forecast on a play date, don’t bet on long-duration bets like who will win? How many fours will be hit in the final over (when the match has just started)? Instead bet on, if a player will be out before making 30 runs or not. Remember many sportsbooks don’t pay back your money if the match is canceled. So, on rainy days bet on shorter team bets.

You must make a strategy before placing online cricket betting. Research and find the player’s strengths and weaknesses and back yourself. Try to observe which players can perform under pressure and which are not able to do so.

Identify Good Sportsbook

There are plenty of online cricket betting sites to choose from. While you might have some of your choices like I choose It’s an excellent and legit online betting site, but before choosing any sportsbook, research to find out that it is a reliable and trusted website to place online cricket bets.

There are a lot of best online cricket betting sites that try to attract the users with wrong data and the bettors, who don’t have the experience generally take the bait and fall for it. The majority of these online cricket betting sites also offer betting tips but in reality, they are do not come from cricket experts.

However, we at Betvuvu, make sure that we tick all the right boxes for the user. We provide few free tips under the prediction page but it’s not restricted to Cricket. You can choose from them but again nobody can give 100% winning assurance.

Open Multiple Accounts 

By opening multiple accounts, I mean to say open one account on 4 to 5 different sportsbooks. Opening multiple accounts on the same site is insane and you can land up with withdrawal problems. With multiple accounts, your chances to win increases, and you can bet on both sides of a bet through different sites based on whose odds is better. This form of betting is known as Arbitrage and it reduces your loss when there is huge uncertainty.

If you follow my points surely you will have a 70% win percentage. Betvuvu is the most trusted platform when it comes to online cricket betting and we have already published some pieces which assist the users in making the right strategies for placing the bets.