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Cricket is a game of uncertainty. Even the best astrologer can’t predict the right bet always. Does it mean there is no formula or secrets of winning? Well it’s not work like a mathematical formula but there are certain ways if you try to understand my points you can gain a lot. Few strategies below will help you pick the best bet.

  1. Focus on Single Sports – If you are a Cricket lover try to bet on cricket only, instead of focusing on other Sports because you have good knowledge about the game.
  2. Intensive Research — before placing any bet try to acquire few facts about the game like
    a) Pitch Report & toss – If it is a bouncy pitch, dose your favourite team has bowlers who can produce bounce? If the pitch will help spinners in the second innings, Do your favourite team has that kind of spinner and are they batting first or not? etc
    b) Home Side– Home side always have certain advantage because not only they are aware of the conditions but also they have support from Crowd.
    c) Competition Level How balanced are both the teams? Do they have balance in their Batting, Bowling and fielding? The one who is better, place bet in that teams favour
    d) Environment– Environment plays a very vital role. You should read previous day weather report and the weather forecast on match date. If the pitch or ground is already damp then team batting first will struggle more. If there is rain forecast on play date, don’t bet on long duration bets like who will win? Hoe many fours will be hit in the final over (when the match has just started)? Instead bet on if a player will be out before making 30 runs or not. Remember many sports book don’t pay back your money if the match is cancelled. so on rainy days bet on shorter team bets.
  1. Identify good sportsbook – You must have some of your choices like I choose It’s an excellent and legit site.
  2. Open Multiple accounts: Multiple accounts not in the same site that’s insane and you can land up with withdrawal problems. Open one account in 4-5 different Sportsbooks. This way you can bet on both side of a bet through different sites based on whose odds is better. This form of betting is known as Arbitrage and it reduces your loss when there is huge uncertainty.
  3. Tips Following: There are certain You tubers, few sites who provide paid tips. Betvuvu provides few free tips under prediction page but it’s not restricted to Cricket. You can choose from them but again nobody can give 100% winning assurance. If you follow my points surely you will have a 70% win percentage.

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