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If you are a new comer in betting industry you need this topic to understand what is meant my “Online Casino Free Spin”. Those who are pro must be very much aware of the topic. We all know Casino is a device/instrument which we need to churn to get some numbers or some outcomes. The outcomes decide whether you have won the round or not. Accordingly you play forward. Now when you churn a Casino you pay some money in the form of bets which has two sides a Win or loss. Now if a Casino provider asks to churn the wheel at free of cost for some specific number of times. It will be considered as Free Spin.

Now may be thinking who is that stupid provider who will let you churn the wheel for FREE? Well, it’s normal. Casino provider does it to promote their brands and attract new players at their site. Free Spins comes as part of promotion. Sometimes it’s offered to new players and sometimes it is given to players who have been inactive for a long time. At times it is also given to active players. There are two kinds of Free Spin commonly available in betting industry. One is absolutely Free Spin and other is a Free Spin which comes with a minimum deposits. Free Spins always attract new players however it has a negative side as well. The negative side means it has lot of condition attached. If you think you will simply win on Free Spins and easily withdraw, well it’s not that easy. Free Spins comes with a wagering requirement. Wagering requirement is the number of times a player must play the bonus money before being allowed to make cash withdrawal. The requirement varies from site to site. The minimum wagering requirement starts from 35 times to up to many times decided by the Casino provider.


Free Spin with deposit means you have to deposit as less as $10 in order to earn few Free Spins. Just by registering you won’t get it for Free.

Free Spin has a positive side as well. Using Free Spin you can learn new games. Generally the games are pre selected by the Casino provider. You can play it for having fun. However if you are serious on winning, my suggestion would be to read the terms and conditions couple of times. Use the demo mode couple of times before trying the actual game. Few Casinos don’t even ask you to register for trying their demo games however for few Casinos’s its mandatory to register.

There are many sites also who does not promote lot of offers instead they believe in fair play. Online Casino is an attractive way to make some easy money. Initially you may loss a bit to gain some experience. I’ve seen many players make a living out of it. They hop from one Online Casino to another. The moment they won they withdraw and jump to a new Casino. However there are many loyal players who stick to a particular site. Many Casino fail to win the trust of the players because either they ask for too many documents or restrict daily withdrawal limits etc. So be very sure about the daily withdrawal limits, wagering criteria, Which Games on offer for Free Spin, Game provider and they have License or not etc before playing into any Casino site.

There are lot of affiliate sites like who helps you find genuine Casino sites online for players. So if you are unable to decide which Casino to join take help from affiliate sites, there you will get a whole list of good Casino for sure.

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