World’s most dangerous Sports


The definition of dangerous differs from person to person. The factor which shape the words ‘dangerous’ from the context of sports includes Thrill, excitement, Fun, Injury level etc. There are sports like Bull riding, Jallikattu and Mountain Biking etc. Even MMA or Boxing can be equally dangerous. Most boxers suffer from diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s later in their lives.

Many people consider Skuba Diving as a dangerous sports however I don’t think compare to other sports it’s that deadly, if you can control your breath properly and use the apparatus effectively it’s not that challenging however if you are scared of water then this sports is not for you.

We are going to talk about few sports which are breathe taking and its excitement is of extreme level. It’s not for week hearted people.

Sky Diving

Sky Diving: When you are at 16000 ft on free Sky in an airplane and somebody ask you to jump. It’s murderous but certainly you will be given the parachute. Is the parachute enough to give you a reason to jump? No way!!!! For me it’s like a death sentence. The first jump is exciting but less scary as you will get a Pro strapped to your back, Who will help you guide to the ground. However if you are planning to go solo then let me tell you it’s not possible as there is 18 jumps course with an instructor before you are allowed to go solo.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping: Bungee jumping is a sport where your legs are fastened with one side of a rope and the other side of the rope is tight with the top of the mountain. Here there is no need of parachute as you are already tied with a rope in advance. It’s a free fall until the rope extends to its full length and you hang off the air before hitting the ground. The first official jump took place in the year 1979 from the Clinton Suspension Bridge in Bristol by members of the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club. It was available to public in 1986 in New Zealand. Jumping from such a height will certainly a killing experience. During the jump you feel like almost hitting the ground and fall on your head before you realize the rope exist.

Base Jumping

Base Jumping: It’s another form of Sky diving but instead of an airplane you jump from BASE which includes [Building], [Antennas (tower)], [Spans(bridges)] and[ Earth (natural formations like Cliffs, Canyons etc)]. It’s basically jumping from man made things. So here the jump is from a shorter height comparing Sky-diving however its more deadly than Sky diving because of the fact that you get less time to open your parachute. More importantly you don’t have much free space compare to Sky diving. So you need to react fast.

All the 3 sports above are some related because there is a height involved. It does not mean that other sports which are played at ground can’t be harmful. Do you know Soccer which is a very common sport involves lot of injury? Statistics says there is a 75% chance of getting an injury in this game as opposed to 5% in other games. For that matter Gymnastic which is sport to test a player balance, strength, flexibility and control can be very deadly. If you follow this sport then you will heard a lot of cases of Wrist fracture, Spinal cord injury, broken skull etc.

Every sport has its own risk factor involved. Little injury can be averted by using proper guards, helmet however few comes to you as a surprise. Name any sportsperson who never had any form of injury. I bet you will fail to come up with a name.

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