When Corona Virus paralysed the world, how to make money during this time?


Most of us right now accross the world sitting at home. Lot of them following work from home culture and lot are sitting ideal. Those who are sitting ideal might be spending quality time with family. This time may be blessing in disguise for those who travel relentlessly throughout the year for employement or business purposes. There are people who are single and feeling very much bored with the lock down situation however guys this is only way to combat against this deadly disease. I’ll try to give you few ways to utilize your time at the same time make some money.

My first idea is about stocking up essential commodity like cooking oil, food grains, sugar etc because once lockdown period will be over there might be irregular supply chain of essential items causing price rise. You can either stock things for your own future use or selling them when there is price rise. However guys ethically and legally this might not be a good idea instead share things with helpless people when they need it the most.

My second idea is for those who love writing. Please write some articles, blogs from the comfort of your home and sell it in the internet. There are lot of freelancing sites available who can offer you a good article and pay you for that. You can probably found your old passion alive if you ever wanted to be a writer.

Third idea would be about learning some extra skills. As per present demand in the market you can search some tutorials online for free and learn how to build a word press website, how to prepare youtube videos etc. Learning such stuff will increase your value and may be slowly it will be a second carrier option for you to think about.

My last idea may sound little weird but very effective. Did you ever tried playing in online Casino. If not then this is the time to try with little money or may be you can find absolutely no deposit Free SPIN offer. Betvuvu.com has lot of helpful article on how to play Free spins. So please go though our other topics and learn those. You may choose betzela.com for its 20 Free Spins at the moment with zero deposit. But click on the Betzela banner at the top of betvuvu’s page to claim the exclusive free Spin. Sportsgamblers can also try their hands in Casino now as most of the sporting events accross the world is being cancelled. So guys choose what you like. Take care. Stay safe at home.

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