Should animal in Sports be banned


The context of the topic is animal cruelity. I am an animal lover so for me any form of animal cruelity is unacceptable. However if somebody give me an option to choose from ‘A Bull used in Bulls fighting’ vs ‘ The same bull to be slaughtered’. Obiviously I’ll choose the Bull to participate in fighting. We have have a scale of measuring torture beyond which we term it as ‘cruelity’. If you are a Non-vegeterian, well for me you don’t have the right to speak or debate about this entire topic.
For many countries animal Sports is part of their culture, tradition. So no matter how loudly you speak about animal cruelity they are not going to stop it. Horses and dogs are the most exploited animals considering the number of tournament they participate every year. Gambling is a billione dollar industry and these speechless creature contribute a lot with their performance/competition for punters. Handfull of people know Horse race over hurdle is so dangerous that many horses die after their hurdle race. British ‘Grand National” is a very common example.

The frequency of Bulls fighting is less but do you know after Bull fighting the Bulls who sustain injuries are slaughtered instead of being treated. Organisers who involves in Dog racing says if Dogs participate in race they stay healthy and fit infact Dogs enjoy it. Well if it is true than I’ll support it. Atleast it is better than the Dog feast organised by China every year where thousands of dogs are brutually killed and served in the feast.
We have another set of animals used in circus who are trained to jump over fire (Tigers and Lions) or asked to perform balancing act (Elephants in chairs) but as long as they are saved and not killed I support them. Human being should know their limit. Earth is not there sole property. Just because we are more priviledged does not mean we treat animals like a commodity . After all there is somebody in heaven who is watching us from heaven and his verdict is very strict.

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