Which one is better Casino OR Sports Bet?


Casino and Sportsbook are a 150+ billion dollar industry. It’s a Black market so the true figure is actually not known however few industry experts consider it a 400 billion dollar market. When there is such a huge market, it’s very oblivious you will find both Casino and Sports book players. I’ll try to explain the pros and cons of these two betting types.

Casino: Casino is a very short term event. I mean you get to know the results of a spin very fast or you play any online video slots, you get quick results and move to the next round of betting. You practically don’t need any expertise to play such games. Based on your budget you can play as many rounds you want. Here you can win a Jackpot with your sheer luck. You can enjoy new offers from different online Casino with certain number of Free Spins. By investing very less you can enjoy lot of new games. It’s a good way of enjoying your leisure.

Sportsbook: It’s an event where knowledge is the key. Unlike Casino here you can’t simply play on a new sport which you have never heard off. So most of the punter who bet on Sportbooks basically keeps knowledge of the game. Therefore Sportsbook players are restricted to bet on certain types of Sports of their choice. Sportbook is a lengthy process. You have to wait for a particular period for some results. There are certain kinds of betting option available with Sportbook. The four common types of bets are 1) Proposition Bets 2) Parlays bet 3) Future Bets 4) In-play bets

Proposition Bets: Proposition bets refer to specificities of a match, Let says a Batsman will score above 50 or not. Or a Player will score at least one goal or not etc.

Parlays Bets: It means you play on multiple bets; you receive the payout only all the outcomes match. It’s tough but it has higher odds.

Future Bets– Bets that can be placed weeks or even months before the match or tournament are termed as Future Bets.  Placing early bet gives you greater odds.

In-play bets:  refer to bets placed during the match.

Sportsbook can be tough but it has greater chances of getting you a win if you study a bit on teams past performance, team combinations, Home conditions etc you have a fair chance of winning. There are professionals who sell their speculation based on their research team. These speculations are paid at times. Which you can use these tips to achieve greater results.

So basically Casino is for everybody however Sportsbook entertain knowledgeable punters.

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