ICC’s proposal on a four day Test format – Sachin’s reaction


The International Cricket Council (ICC) recently proposed a four day test format and the spinners come into play on the fourth day. In a move to change the 143 years old test format ICC has come with this proposal which has not yet passed the floor test. Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar recently showed his dissatisfaction over the issue. According to him “from a purist’s point of view and being an admirer of Test cricket, I don’t think it should be tinkered with. The format has to be played in the way it has been played for so many years,” Tendulkar told PTI

This proposal has been made from the commercial point of view and keeping audience interest in mind however in cricking sprit Test cricket is played to test the merit of a batsman. Test matches are all about, how well a batsman can play in a wear and tear pitches? How a bowler ball so many over’s session after session? How much pressure can a player absorb? Now taking a day out will fade away the essence of the Test cricket. It’s the oldest form of Cricking format from there we came to 50 over’s format thereafter T20’s and even T10’s and T5’s. Now tweaking an original format will annoy many Cricket lovers. Virat Kohli, Ricky Pointing, Justin Langer, Kumara Sangakara all these players has already shown concern over the proposal.

Reducing  a day means you are making the game bit easy in that case you can’t compare modern players with the past generation players who already retired. Sachin Tendulkar had  to play 200 Test matches and faced 29437 balls to score 15921 runs and 51 centuries. Now a modern day player may treat the new version like an extended form of Limited over cricket he can play quick, think about spending less time in the pitch, has more chances of achieving a draw etc. So the arena and lookout of players will get completely changed and even if a player surpasses 15921 runs he might not be considered greater batsman than Sachin Tendulkar. In current scenario you can compare Virat Kohli with Sachin Tendulkar but in future you never compare any modern player with the likes of Sachin as the context of the game will change completely.

So instead of tweaking the format in order to attract more audience, better to make test match pitches where anything can happen on every ball. People will be glued to their TV set or come to stadium to see Test matches.

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