Tips to bet on Tennis


While most of the punters busy betting on Soccer, you should have enough reason to bet on Tennis. The common reason why people don’t bet on Tennis is they don’t understand this sport. Since more nations play Soccer the fans base as well as punter base is more in Soccer.

Soccer being the most popular sports punters who bet in soccer will always is more than any other    sports. However there are certain smart punters who prefer Tennis over Soccer to make maximum money. So what’s the secret which soccer punter does not know? Let me explain. This is going to be the “best betting tips” for you.

  1. In soccer you have to keep yourself updated about 22 players. Be it every one’s injury report, Head to Head records, any Red cards in previous match so who will be the alternative, who will hit the penalty, Who hit corner better versus who get the opportunity to hit, Home conditions etc
  2. There are outcomes which can be stacked against you as a punter for example referee mistakes, a ball taking funny bounces, misconduct penalties. So even your prediction and analysis was very much correct still because of certain unpredictable circumstances the outcome will be against you.
  3. Games like soccer is time bound. So if two teams played very well. Their fortune may depend on penalties. So before the start of a match you can’t predict this



Now how the scenario’s changes in Tennis and why am we are saying it’s easier to bet on Tennis


  1. Unlike Soccer in Tennis you have to keep updated about only two players who competes the match instead of 22 players. So definitely it’s easier to analyze their physical condition, mental state, head-to-head records, strong and weak sides of 2 opponents. So the obvious place to start when you want to make an educated bet on a tennis match is a player’s history. How many matches has a player won? How many matches has the player lost? What is the weakness a player displays in each match? By looking into the player’s history of wins, losses and weaknesses, you will have a better idea of the current match up.


  1. In Soccer if the best player of a side gets injured then it may have adverse impact on the outcome of the match however in Tennis, in case of any injury, the match is called off and the stakes are returned to the bettors (in case of handicap betting). So an injury is almost neutralized in Tennis and a punter is saved from making loss.


  1. In Tennis the time needed to reveal the outright winner is not important however there is a pre-define time limit in Soccer. So the player with absolute merit on that day will win.
  2. Referee’s mistake is mere impossible in Tennis as most of the major tournaments implement a ball-tracking Hawkeye technology to check umpires’ calls, not to speak of clay courts, where the mark of the ball is clearly shown
  3. Some tennis tournaments take place all over the world and the bookies do not take into account such factors as long travels, jetlags and acclimatization of the players who at times have to play in the USA today, and tomorrow will find themselves flying to Europe. Such travels inevitably influence the quality of tennis. Some of the bookies make a mistake by relying more on the current ranking position of the player, rather than on his current form. Some odds don’t consider the change of the court surface; meanwhile it is a common thing in tennis: from hard courts (slow and fast) to clay courts (also slow and fast) or grass ones. So you see, so the bookies at times fail to take into account some of the components. And that is a chance for punters to make use of them.
  4. Barring all please keep in mind that a player’s current condition is one of the most important factors when making a bet in tennis. If a player has been off the court for a few months, then he or she may not be able to keep up with a player who has spent the last few months playing in a game. On the other hand, a player who is known for spending time working on their athletic performance and skills may not have the same weakness.


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Well we try to prove a point that betting in Tennis is less risky and easier. However you may differ with our opinion. If you are betting on football successfully then we will suggest you to continue using your skill set and expertise and bet on Football. Our objective is not to confuse you or show you some rosy picture. In this article has placed its individual view point and it may differ from other sources. Our research is definitely based on some data, which you can’t simply ignore as well. Hope you liked the article. There are various other tips to win in Cricket, Soccer etc however in order to read those you need to visit, If you want any particular topic to be covered please write to us. We will try to present an article on that as soon as possible.

Those who are Casino Lovers do play in Casino if Sports does not interest you. The primary criteria to bet on Sports are that you should love the sports you are going to bet on. Then only you can remember the stats and other important factors related to it. Don’t just reading few articles you jump from casino to Sportsbook and make some disastrous decisions.

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