Tips for betting on Soccer


There will be lot of expert opinion on how to bet on football matches. Few of them you will find very common and known to everybody. I’ve made it very simple for you to understand.

First of all understand the factor which has an influence on the match
Hype – When two good teams are playing after a long time or may be it’s a crucial decider/knock out match, media houses will creates a lot of hype about it. Hype is basically done to do more marketing and increasing their own and associate businesses profits however actually it has no influence on the result. Just because you read in the morning newspaper that two big time rivals are playing today, does not mean it is going to be a very competitive match. Remember the final of 2014 World cup between Germany and Brazil. Where Germany won the match 7-1. Think about the hype before the match but tell me who won the match Hype OR Actual performance. Germany had full of experience campaigner and Brazil were mainly dependent on Neymar. So instead of thinking how big the team was in past, consider the players present strength.

Form – If Messi is in tremendous form that means Barcelona has better chance of winning. It’s true to an extent however you need to check about how many players are also in form from the other side and their recent record. If you find a team has better performance as a team instead of an individual performer from the opposite team then better to choose the opponent instead of choosing Messi oriented Barcelona.

Conditions – Conditions plays a very pivotal role in a match. Home team always has advantage because the crowd cheers for them. They know the ground arithmetic’s more than the opponents however the opponent form is also important to study. Without proper research you can’t simply bet on any sports for that matter.

So what you should do to maximize your profit

  • Do a comprehensive research on the teams you want to bet on. Their recent scores and form from official sites.
  • Keep track of injury updates of players. Who will be the probable 11 and how they can add value to the team by their inclusion or exclusion
  • Bet on stronger teams playing at home and – teams like Manchester City, FC PORTO, Bayern, PSG, Club Brudge, Barcelona etc will not likely loose while playing at home.
  • Don’t bring emotion into gambling. I mean don’t just bet on a team just because you support it. You will eventually lose if you get emotional.
  • You can do arbitrage betting to minimize loss and increase profit
  • Many punters love to do “late betting” basically at the second half. Here you have an understanding of the first half and based on that you can bet well in the second half. It’s a wonderful strategy to avoid any confusion.

Many people ask why only tips on Soccer?

  • Different expert provide tips on other sports as well however Soccer is that kind of sports which is easy to understand and loved by most people in the words. It’s the mega sports of the world
    • You can find wide amount of matches played at most of the time. There are sports like Cricket which are interrupted due to rain however Soccer can continue.
    • It’s a sport which tests the stamina of a sportsman. Continuously running for hours and kicking the ball with your legs, heads. Fighting with opponents in the form of shoulder push, elbow drop is difficult to survive.

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