How to effectively use your money?

How to effectively use your money

Well, the answer is very complex. It all depends on your portfolio. Before answering this it is important to know how much money you hold? Is the money in all white form? What is your interest/Expertise? Would you like to invest in any business or stay happy with bank investments like Fixed deposits, recurring deposits etc.

If you have less money than simply invest in some Bank’s Fixed deposit or do some SIP plan and allow some time to grow the funds. If you are rich, than your options increases. You can open a new business, invest in property locally or internationally, Hold gold, invest in stocks, try your hands with Arbitrage betting in genuine sites like, pinnacle etc. Now if you want to know what businesses to be invested into, then here I would suggest using your expertise but now a days any business online can have a good demand provided you hire some good candidates. You can sell items via e-Commerce websites, Open up a website development and SEO service proving company. An affiliate campaign for any products with good margins for example askgambler, these companies earn money simply by referring betting players to top betting sites like, GG bet, Pinnacle etc. I am not of the opinion of doing physical business with huge inventory, slow moving products, less margin and heavy cash blocking products or services. You have to change yourself with technology and the need of the hour is, associate yourself with internet and do business. You will sure thrive in life. People who hold money in the form of cash I urge them to do some charity and pay their taxes with honesty you will feel secured.

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