Explaining Boston Uprising’s fall from grace

The Boston Uprising were defeated by the Philadelphia Fusion 2-1 in a best-of-three series Friday night, putting an end to what was arguably the craziest season for any team in the debut season of the Overwatch League.


The final (costly) decision

After winning the second match of the series to force a third and deciding match, Boston fell down two maps to one. By rule, the Uprising were allowed to select the fourth map — and chose to play on Hanamura, a map Boston played exceedingly poorly on in the regular season, as opposed to Volskaya Industries, a map where the team posted a perfect 10-0 record.

It’s possible recency bias played into the minds of the Uprising, as they lost on Volskaya in the first match of the quarterfinals against the Fusion and won on Hanamura in the second match. Heading into the final point on Hanamura in the third match of the series, the Uprising fell apart and lost the series.

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